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Business Spotlight – LA Family Housing

LA Family Housing is the leading non-profit agency in Service Planning Area 2 for Homeless Services and Real Estate Development. They help people transition out of homelessness and poverty through a continuum of housing enriched with supportive services. They believe that everyone deserves the dignity of a home and are invested in innovative solutions to ensure their long-term stability. As part of their mission, they serve 10,808 people in the Los Angeles area and place 2,037 people in houses each year.

The Great Resignation impacted LA Family Housing’s hiring and recruitment efforts at the tail end of 2021, so LA Family Housing leveraged iHire’s Job Slot solution to easily swap job openings in and out as needed, as well as our Job Wrap to post multiple jobs across iHire’s platform automatically. These two options help companies like LA Family Housing save time and find the right candidates quickly.

In this iHire Business Spotlight, we talked to Krystal Sims, LCSW, MS and Director of Recruitment and Onboarding, to learn more about LA Family Housing and how their unique culture informs their hiring practices.



iHire: Thank you for talking with us, Krystal. What is your role in the hiring process?

KS: I oversee and develop all talent acquisition strategies and full-cycle recruitment processes.


iHire: What makes your company a great place to work?

KS: At LA Family Housing, we uphold the dignity of each other and the communities we serve through teamwork and our commitment to building inclusive spaces where everyone feels respected, cared for, and empowered. We are passionate advocates, and we welcome innovative approaches to the challenges we face as we work together to end homelessness.


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iHire: What types of candidates are you looking for to fill your open positions?

KS: We are looking for talented innovators that believe in the work we do and meet the requirements of the positions we are hiring for. We are a leading agency because of the staff we hire. We hire people that come with ideas, are willing to step in when needed, work as a team when challenges arise, and find joy in putting their knowledge and skill set towards meaningful work.


iHire: What advice would you give to other hiring managers looking to find the right candidates?

KS: Revisit the needs of positions you are hiring for and update your job descriptions when needed. Look into hiring from untapped talent pools. Remember that hiring is the most important thing you can do; make sure you are not rushing the process and take your time to hire the right people for the positions.



Looking for a fulfilling career working in homeless services? Check out LA Family Housing’s openings.

By iHire | February 26, 2022
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