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Whether you need a job or need to hire, you have found the right place. iHireSocialServices is a niche job board dedicated solely to the Social Service industry; we bring Social Service jobs and Social Service job seekers together to make successful employment possible. From child advocates to licensed social workers to counselors and more, you can find a job or fill your opening quickly and easily on iHireSocialServices.

For hiring personnel—business owners, department managers, HR administrators, recruiters or staffing agencies-hiring is most efficient when you target an industry-specific pool of Social Service job seekers. Don't waste your money posting to the masses. List your openings on iHireSocialServices and find your next great employee quickly and cost-effectively.

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iHireSocialServices has a better way to manage your job search. Professionals of all types register here to use the wide range of tools and resources we have to offer. Our iMatch technology takes openings from more than 30,000 sources and delivers the most relevant positions based on your unique preferences and anticipates the types of opportunities that might interest you. Use iScore to find out if your resume utilizes the proper strategies and best practices needed to impress potential employers. Get up-to-date career advice and guidance to make sure your hunt is successful. Spend less time searching and more time interviewing. Find your niche®.


iHireSocialServices has a better way to find the right talent. Cast a wide net and get advice on creating the types of job ads that will attract top-performing applicants. Zero in on professionals with a specific skill set using our resume search tools. Minimize the time you spend looking for new employees, reduce the expenses caused by unfilled positions, and get your team back to 100% capacity quickly by taking advantage of iHireSocialServices's services. Recruiting in an online environment can be difficult and time consuming, but if you run into trouble or need help, our account managers and customer service representatives are only an email or a phone call away. Get a partner invested in the success of your search, one who doesn't treat you like a number or commodity.