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iHireSocialServices is devoted to jobs in the social service field and assists organizations in this industry with filling open positions with well-matched applicants. This encompasses positions for officers (ex: parole, probation, correction, child support), community planners, administrators, therapists/counselors (ex: family, crisis), job coaches, social workers, correctional treatment specialists, information and referral specialists, LSWs, case managers, and executive/management personnel (ex: assistant directors, managers, coordinators).

Social services job prospects are expected to continue rising, particularly for roles dealing with healthcare, mental health, and substance abuse. The employment outlook for this group projects an 11.6% increase overall between 2014 and 2024. More specifically, healthcare and mental health/substance abuse social work jobs are predicted to grow 19.3% and 18.9%, respectively. States with the highest concentrations of social services opportunities are Vermont, Montana, Massachusetts, Idaho, and Alaska.

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