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"Have not seen the effects yet, but it is the most user friendly site that I have ever used."

Gloria W.

Reseda, CA
"I have been very pleased about this web site. Weekly, I have new jobs that are available throughout the US. I truly appreciate this service."

Rozialyn B.

Columbia, SC
"I found a job through and stayed with the agency for about 2 1/2 years. As I am finishing up graduate school, I am hoping to find a new position through this website."


Plainfield, NJ
"I have been content about the services provided in finding a job. I got a lot of opportunities to view jobs and to be through this site. It was a dynamic way of getting this done. If the grant does not come through, I shall apply again to this site. I was also given the opportunity to choose from several different jobs in my profession."

Tima K.

Burke, VA
"You guys were a great blessing to my life during the difficult days when I needed a job. Checking all your emails, making contact with them, etc. really helped me find the job that I have now. May God bless you for all your services. "

Uriel I.

Evergreen Park, IL
"...This was great. I recieved 5 phone calls today from potential employers, interested in my resume. And nearly all of them scheduled a interview with me! I was so amazed today and relieved. Now I know I my resume is being seen by potential employers and there is hope for me in finding a job..."

Anthony C.

El Sobrante, CA
"Thanks for your leads. I found a job close to where I am locating."

Sheryl S.

Narberth, PA
"I was hired for a job I found through iHire."

Adelina S.

Oceanside, CA
"Thank you for your useful help!"


Buffalo, NY
"I received 3 job offers and accepted one that I am totally satisfied with. Thank you for everything this site is wonderful!."

Ginny M.

Elmira, NY
"I am very proud and pleased to say that I have been hired as an executive director of a facility in New Mexico. The position is a career dream come true. This job was auto-emailed to me by ihiresocialservices after I set up my profile. I am so thankful that ihire is available and thrilled to begin my new job next month. Thanks ihire and let everyone know that these are REAL jobs and REAL employers on a site that works!"

Joanna C.

Valparaiso, IN
"Thanks to iHireSocialServices I was able to connect with many different employers within the area of Sacramento. In addition, as a result, I was able to find employment with a successful and growing organization within my field. Thanks once again."

Ennie L.

Galt, CA
"Greetings from Cincinnati! I'd like to know when and how you pulled this site together...and HOW you do what you do. What a GREAT service! I found you by typing in "social service jobs." I'd done local searches w/ that same phrase, but to no avail. When I discovered your site, it seemed too good to be true. And honestly, for me, at kind of is........I was astonished by the immediate e-mail and phone messages that poured in from all over the country!....Just hearing from employers who are eager to give you a shot at an opening, can work wonders on a bruised ego......"

Angela C.

Cincinnati, OH
"Really great website, I appreciate all the information. "

Irene T.

Albuquerque, NM
"Took a month but first interview landed the right job!"


Warner Robins, GA
"The job postings are high quality and there's no spam/scam jobs that come up in the listings. I could tailor my job search to the exact field I'm in (social work). "


Clifton, NJ
"The site is easy to use and they notify you when you need to update your information. I found it a very good source for my employment search. Try it. I don't think you find it difficult to use. You can download your current resume. No need to input all data yourself. "

Donna S.

"It was very helpful. I found many jobs for my experience."

Barbara C.

Elizabeth, PA
"Thank you for your assistance in finding me a job....."

Sharnell H.

Shreveport, LA
"This site is really great. It gives young professionals, like myself, the opportunity to find great jobs within our field and allows us the experience that we need to continue on this journey of making this world and society a better place in which to live."

Nathan D.

Brookhaven, MS
"I found the job exactly right for me exactly where I wanted to relocate. Thank you for your wonderful service!!"

Debra D.

Traverse City, MI
"This site have a wide variety of help tools."

Lanie S.

Topeka, KS
"So far, this site is really working. I have received several calls from employers who were interested in my resume. I will surely recommend this site to friends. Thanks, iHireSocialServices."

Jesus D.

San Diego, CA
"iHireSocialServices saved me an unbelievable amount of time with the listings. I didn't have to search here, there and everywhere to find Social Services openings. Thank you."

Diana H.

Atlanta, GA
"I now have a FT job that I love that I found on iHire. I would not have the listing any other way. Thank you for this service!"

Vicki V.

Stanton, CA
"I am very happy with the services that this company provides to Social Service career orientated people. I found a wonderful job through the company and have been employed with this company for three months now. I highly reccommend all human resourse major to utilize what the company has to offer to your advantage. You will benefit highly in the end."

Michele L.

Brooklyn, NY
"About three weeks ago I was contacted by an agency I had never heard of. Well three weeks and three interviews later they called me this morning and offered me a job. I owe full praise to my God but I did want to again say thank you for being the instrument he used to get me re-employed."

Clyde W.

Victorville, CA
"I had posted my resume through this site after finding out about it from school. A few days later, an employer contacted me and I had two interviews. I was hired the same day the second interview occurred! Thanks iHireSocialServices!!!"

Mary B.

Austin, TX
"I signed up for your resume faxing service four days ago, and I've already received FIFTEEN calls from employers with openings that are relevant to my experience and career needs. I have five interviews next week alone! After searching for a job in human services for more than two months, this is the first time I've had so many jobs to choose from. This service is awesome, and I highly recommend it to anyone in need of an inexpensive and effective mode of job-seeking. Thank you so much iHire!"

Pamela S.

"iHireSocialServices has a very helpful tool for improving a resume ."

Bennett J.

Saint Paul, MN
"Helped me identify opportunities"

Yurii H.

Wilkes Barre, PA
"iHireSocialServices helped me find my two most recent jobs. The ability to easily browse jobs and track applications really makes the process less stressful."

Edward P.

Riverview, FL
"This is the second testimonial I've written, because I continue to be amazed by your Within only a very short time period of using iHiresocialserives, I've been contacted by four employers for perspective jobs, I've already had one offical job offer. And it's for a very good position! I just can't say enough about the services you provide; it is outstanding. I've already referred someone who's looking for employment to your site. I want to sincerely thank you again for assisting me in my job search, and helping me to have such immediate success in finding jobs that truly suit my skills, qualifications, and goals."

Laura I.

Murrieta, CA
"I got a phone call today from an employor. I was pleased and surprised with the quick response. Your company is the only one to yield such a quick response. I hope to get more offers.....I am also glad to let you know that I went and interviewed and was offered the position. I should start next month."

Lisa L.

Gainesville, FL
"This is a fantastic site, which so successfully brings together employees and agencies in our specialized field. Very professional and helpful. A terrific service!"

Kathleen M.

Las Cruces, NM
"Thanks to your site I was offered a position as a Social Worker from Health Professionals Ltd., and I am very pleased with this job and employer. The salary I was offered was beyond what I had previously requested. I have been working as a Mental Health Professional in my city, at the county jail and it is quite challenging and exhilerating. Thanks to your site the employer contacted me for an interview and I was offered the position....I have been unable to find a job through all the other employment websites for over a year but made it easy for the employer to contact me ....Thanks again for your help and website!! "

Kevin W.

Sturtevant, WI
"This was an incredibly useful site! I would recommend it and use it again! James iHireSocialServices helped me identify skills I possess that make me a more competitive candidate iHireSocialServices saved me time and effort during my job search"

Sacramento, CA
"I am pleased with sight because it parallels with my degree in human service....."

Molsie S.

San Marcos, TX
"iHireSocialServices is THE place for social workers to go for searching for a job. I was given several job opportunities to choose from and I got a job in another state literally within two weeks! I've already started this job and I love it! I am very happy!"

Debbi P.

Hattiesburg, MS
"This is a great site to help people find jobs.. Thanks"

Denisha K.

Yukon, OK
"Thank you for the help, it is much needed. I have been looking for a service such as iHireSocialServices that can help connect me to the type of job I am looking for. Again, thanks!"

Kimberly S.

South Bend, IN
"Provided relevant employment opportunities "

Tomya C.

Lawrenceburg, IN
"This is the only job service provider that had relevant jobs for me to inquire about. I found a job meeting my needs and close to my home."

Mark H.

Bethany Beach, DE
"Although I do not currently possess a BA in Social Work, I am about one year away from completing my BS in Sociology. I aggressively apply to positions listed here in hopes that with my credentials I will be offered the opportunity to work in the Social Services field before my actual graduation date. I am excited by the resources this site makes available for future employment relationships and opportunities; but more, I appreciate the ease of job searching, applying, and follow-up. I look forward to logging onto this site every morning!"

Michele B.

Pensacola, FL
"I actually found my dream job! I couldn't be happier! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Anita T.

La Junta, CO
"Very reassuring, very positive. Thank You for your support."

Aurora, CO
"I am very pleased of how easy it was for me to log in your site and put my resume in the system without any hassles. I want to thank you for making this the easiest thing I have ever done online!"

Shannon G.

"I have been intensely seeking employment for several weeks. Yesterday I received an email from a potential employer stating ihire had recommended me as someone to consider, and I have an interview for the position. Thank you for all that you have done and will continue to, I am very grateful."

Charles T.

Sidney, OH
"If you are serious about relocating, this is a great service to assist you. The calls were coming in so quick. I didn't have the time to book flights or tell my employer. I actually had to turn down some of the offers, and I was able to work out arrangements with others. I am glad that I gave this service a try. I have already recommended this service to everyone I know in the social service field."

Shalita H.

Bartlett, TN
"Thank you for having such a great service. I received phone calls from perspective employers. I went to one interview. I am still going to the interview panels. My experience has been great with your service, I am recommending your site to other professionals......Keep up the great networking. I am very pleased with your service. "

Nancy E.

San Jose, CA
"This was a good source for researching jobs. "

Tachi M.

South Hackensack, NJ