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Would You Love To Have A Job That Makes A Difference In The World?
Have you ever been afraid that what you’re doing has zero impact in the scheme of things?
Most people have felt this pain at one time or another.
There are many jobs where no matter how hard you try, you just can’t make a difference. I’m sure you had one or two where you found yourself just going through the motions…another meaningless cog in the corporate machinery.
If you’re tired of all this, there’s good news on the horizon:
A career at CIS is anything but that!
As a human service agency, Community Integrated Services (CIS) is committed to helping adults with developmental disabilities and behavioral issues achieve their fullest potential. CIS is a recognized leader in the field and a role model for other organizations.
Our vision is to see that the individuals we serve feel a sense of connectedness…to their community, to their family and friends, and to the world as a whole. Work for the premier provider of social services to our community’s most vulnerable citizens, and you’ll have experiences that will transform your life.
We have some awesome employee benefits.
Like an incentive program where employees are awarded "impressions" by their coworkers. Whoever receives the most coworker impression awards each quarter gets a $200 bonus!
You’ll participate in frequent staff meetings with raffle prizes that include gift baskets, paid time off for holidays, and other goodies. You might find yourself the proud recipient of a recognition award at one of these meetings.
CIS has a much-deserved reputation for a positive work culture where every employee is respected and valued. You’ll be part of staff appreciation week…where employees are honored for their contributions to the mission of the agency. These are the more tangible rewards.
But there are so many more that are intangible.
These arise when you help individuals stride proudly towards independence…and in the process, discover their underlying strengths. As a CIS Direct Service Professional, your mission is to do work that makes a positive impact.
It’s a wonderful feeling to foster self-reliance in an individual. Do you know how great it feels to be a catalyst for a fellow human being…showing him that he has an inner light that can never be extinguished?
One day, you might take a resident hiking on Centennial Trail at Riverside State Park…watching osprey, moose, and river otters. The next day, you’ll be teaching an individual an essential life skill in their home.
It’s exhilarating teaching a resident life skills. But while you’re teaching her, she’ll be teaching you. It’s a beautiful, mutually beneficial relationship…one you’ll treasure forever.
Come work with us, and you’ll be part of something bigger than yourself.
It’s the gift that’s yours when you make the decision to devote yourself to making a difference in somebody else’s life. Their smiles…their laughter…and their kindnesses will touch your heart.
Although it’s true many of the individuals CIS serves are challenged by severe behavioral and mental health issues, it’s also true you’ll receive top-notch training that will help you successfully work with these individuals.
It won’t be easy. But it’ll be incredibly rewarding.
You’ll help them overcome the pain of stigmatization. One way you’ll do this is by teaching members of the community to see residents as people first…not defined by their disability. And you’ll show the residents that they’re more than their disability by helping them to transcend their limitations.
The world needs more caregivers. You can be one of them.
You’ll help them powerfully connect with the community so they can cultivate relationships and earn a paycheck doing meaningful work…which helps them integrate into the vibrant fabric of existence. You’ll also support families in their efforts to assist their loved ones who have disabilities.
That’s a wonderful feeling!
Part of your work might be to reassure worrying parents that there are people who hold enough love in their hearts to care for their child…even after they’re gone.
Your experiences at CIS will give you a greater acceptance of diversity…strengthen your belief that there is intrinsic value in people…and instill in you an appreciation of humanity’s awe-inspiring potential. You’ll gain new perspectives about what’s possible for each human being…and you’ll learn not to put limits on people.
That’s a feeling that transcends words.
There are many who can’t be bothered to make the world a better place.
There are also those who have no room in their hearts for those with disabilities. If this doesn’t describe you, join us…and help us make a difference in the world.
Work for CIS!

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